There are 3 ways to support your favorite project through CoLink


Via US Mail

PO Box 82188
Kenmore, WA 98028

Make check payable to:
CoLink Acct # on memo line

CoLink fee 8%

Your Bank’s Bill-Pay Services

Payable to: CoLink
Same Address as Above

Merchant/Vendor #___
Enter the CoLink Acct #
Phone 206-795-5988

CoLink fee 8%

Donate Online By Credit Card

Complete contact info
Indicate CoLink Acct #

CoLink fee 8%


Please do not write your CoLink Partner’s name anywhere on the check.  If you wish to include the name, do so on a note included with the check.  Remember to make your checks payable to CoLink.  When you set up your Bill-Pay, please enter only the account number, not the name. Both Online option and the Bill Pay option will allow you to set up recurring gifts.

CoLink charges a 8% CoLink Fee on all donations for overhead costs such as payroll, postage, supplies, and accounting services.  You have the option of adding the CoLink Fee to your one-time gift or recurring gift. For instance, if you are giving $100.00, the gift would be $108.00.

CoLink does not participate in activities related to propaganda or to influence legislation.

Financial contributions to CoLink are tax-exempt. CoLink maintains control over all contributions and has the discretion to determine how best to use contributions to carry out its functions and purposes. However, CoLink will make every effort to honor the donor’s wishes.

You will receive a receipt from CoLink for every donation either by email or postal services.

In January you will receive a yearly Donor Report for tax purposes.

If your employer offers Matching Funds to your contributions, CoLink is eligible to receive Matching Funds from most businesses.

Donations from outside the USA can be made by PayPal. Please use to send a gift via PayPal.

If you have questions about your gifts, please feel free to contact the CoLink Administrator, Beryl Moon, at or call at 206-795-5988.